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Chloe's Corner

Short animation of my blue alien character!!!

Animation of Noelle from "Deltarune" I did for a "Multi-Animator-Project" On youtube!

Cat walk cycle animation test!

Animation of my cat characters! It was part of a challenge I did to make an animation a week for a month!

Animation of characters from "Danganronpa 2" I did for another "Multi-Animator-Project" On youtube!

Animation of characters from the "Warriors" Book series! Done for another "Multi-Animator-Project" On Youtube!

A Cat character looking scared! Another animation I did as part of the challenge to make an animation a week for a month.

My animation reel for 2021! 

About Me...

Hello! Thank you for checking out my page! I am a 16 year old junior in high school, and I have loved drawing since I was a toddler! I started animating around 6 years ago at the age of 10 and have continued to improve since! My favorite thing to animate is dramatic expressions! I use Krita for all of my digital art/animations. I spend my free time animating, drawing, playing video games,  biking, going on walks, and spending time with my friends! I hope you enjoy my art!

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